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Welcome to the


Learning Circle

 Saving Our Planet


 Wiki LC 8 / 2018










About this Learning Circle 

Welcome to your global classroom!


Since 1998 the Learning Circles of the Global Teenager Project (GTP) are connecting students and teachers from over 40 countries, to explore new ways to learn and collaborate. Now you are also a GTP member. Enjoy meeting your global classmates!


On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.   


In this Learning Circle we will do research about Sustainable Development Goals which are aimed to Protect our Planet: 


Sustainable Development Goal 7

Affordable and Clean Energy 

Sustainable Development Goal 13

Climate Action 



These two SDG's go hand in hand to highlight where we stand today in regards to Climate Change and what we can do to stop the devastating effects thereof on the planet.  The Clean Green revolution is in full swing. Not only to make energy more environmentally friendly but also to ensure it is affordable and accessible to all people.

In this Learning Circle, you can share your experiences, stories and opinions. We invite you all to learn and work together to make the world a better place. 


For an introduction to SDG's 7 and 13 and 'The Paris agreement' see page Resources

The 4 phases of this Circle, see Timeline


Phase 4 - Completion & Evaluation

May 21 to June 03 


Newsletter Monday June 4th:

Dear LC participants,


after 4 months, our learning experience LC Saving Our Planet ended for this school year.


In the completion phase some medias are still in process, so we hope they will be posted as soon as possible.

Please post all necessary materials on your school pages to finalize LC work.


Thank you for your efforts, research results, skype meetings and all activities you did during this Learning Circle. That was amazing experience.



Good luck and have wonderful summer ahead!



Charlotte Tervit,

LC facilitator





Watch The Lorax (Universal Pictures, 2012) as a group before you start working on the challenges. This adaptation of the 1971 book by children's author Dr Seuss cleverly illustrates the damage caused by pollution, burning fossil fuels, deforestation and a general disregard for nature. Long before “going green” was mainstream, Dr. Seuss’ Lorax spoke for the trees and warned for the dangers of disrespecting the environment...


How to use this wiki:


  • In the sidebar on the right, you can find:

    • links to the 4 phases, with instructions and explanation.

    • additional information like resources and the timeline 

  • Please read all the background information before you start.

  • Every Monday the newsletter on this home page keeps you updated.

  • Each group or class in this Learning Circle can post their contributions for phase 1 and 2 on their own school page.

    Find your school page by clicking on the name of your school, in the overview at the bottom of the home page and the pages for the 4 phases. 

  • Everyone can see your contributions, but only participants that can log in can edit this page.  


Learning & working in a global classroom


The main purpose of this Learning Circle is to enable a global connection by sharing ideas, thoughts, knowledge and inspiration. 
You will learn a lot and gain more insight into each others’ lives and
 increase awareness about Sustainable Development Goals.

Students co-create new knowledge and future skills. To keep track of what skills are addressed and what it has brought to your class see the page 'Learning & practicing skills'. 


Feedback and comments: All groups are asked to closely cooperate, by looking at the pages of the other participants and give comments and feedback directly on these pages.





To really get in touch and discuss your work, we have created a schedule for all schools to meet via Skype.

In April each group or class will organize a video conference with at least 2 other classes. Of course, you can also start in February or March if you want to.

Exciting and fun!

Read how to make an appointment to Skype on this page.


The page 'Background information' gives all kinds of practical information, about our cooperation and the methodology of the Circles. 



Information / Action


Learning Circle facilitator (questions and support about the learning process during the circle)

LC / wiki 8: Natasha Cherednichenko

LC / wiki 9: Charlotte Tervit


Project coordinator Global Teenager Project: Bob Hofman

To page: Learning Circle / GTP Team

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 Overview School pages 'Saving Our Planet' 2018 



School / Teacher







  The Netherlands

1. Ashram College - Marije Vlaar







2. Senator O'Connor College School - Agnes Bowers







3. Kraslava State Gymnasium - Ligija Kolosovska



4. Secondary School Kekava - Maiga Pigita







5. Kirovograd Collegium - Olena Krasova







     in the overview means a school posted a contribution for this phase. 
   The color indicates if it was placed in timelittle bit late1 one week late or more.

   An 'X' in the overview means a school did not place anything in the wiki in this phase. 




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